Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Bungie Killed Halo.

As everyone knows Halo: Reach was a massive failure. It took everything bad from halo 2 and 3, then put it into one game. It took away the beloved battle-riffle and replaced it with some piece of shit called a DMR. The reticle is just retarded, I'll leave it at that.

Halo 3 was a game where high ranks were harder to achive and if you sucked you can rank down. This was the best and most fair ranking system. Sure Halo: Reach's ranking system made boosting and deranking pointless, but they also took the fun from it.

I hope the remake of Combat Evolved isn't at all like reach. Other wise come November, I will be buying MW3.

To end on a positive note, the campagian was still pretty good in reach.