Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Bungie Killed Halo.

As everyone knows Halo: Reach was a massive failure. It took everything bad from halo 2 and 3, then put it into one game. It took away the beloved battle-riffle and replaced it with some piece of shit called a DMR. The reticle is just retarded, I'll leave it at that.

Halo 3 was a game where high ranks were harder to achive and if you sucked you can rank down. This was the best and most fair ranking system. Sure Halo: Reach's ranking system made boosting and deranking pointless, but they also took the fun from it.

I hope the remake of Combat Evolved isn't at all like reach. Other wise come November, I will be buying MW3.

To end on a positive note, the campagian was still pretty good in reach.


  1. Now hang on, how do you feel about the original Halo?

  2. The original halo was AWESOME!!

  3. Never played Halo. Is old part as good as all saying?

  4. I could never get into the Modern Warfare games OR Halo, and all my friends think I'm crazy since that's pretty much the only two series people are playing anymore.

    It's just hard to enjoy a game when you're being teabagged by a nine year-old with a Napolean complex.

  5. They've killed it a long time ago...