Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Android Vs. iPhone

This is probably going to start a flame war between apple fan boys and everyone else, so getting to the point, I think Android is better. "Why?" - I'll tell you why. If you play by the rules, injoy restrictions, and are a HUGE faggot. iPhone is for you - But for everyone else, Android. 

I have had both the iPhone 3G, and the Galaxy S. I would choose the galaxy any day over the iPhone, for many reasons. Here are some.

Anyone can make an app for android, and google even have an easy to use online tool for it, what do Apple have?

Apple have a restricting app store that only approved apps can get into. Then, they charge the developer a percentage to sell their app!

Android lets you get your music anywhere and be able to play it, use it as a ring tone, or send it to your mates (I'm Australian) with blue-tooth. It also have apps to download music, for free. (So I have heard)

Apple, you have to buy separate ring tones and no sharing! Unless you delete everything from that iPhone and sync it with another computer. Android let you use it with as many computers as you please, and you can even use it for media storage.

Apple and Android both have the pros and cons, but for me. Its Android all the way. You can always jailbreak your iPhone and make it work like it should. It will void your warranty though.

What do you think? Apple or Android?


  1. I'm also an Android man myself. I'll admit the iPhone4 has a brilliant looking screen and is a big improvement from past iPhones, but the fact they are so damn restrictive is just crap.

    When I buy something, I like to feel like I actually own it, not like I'm just renting the fucking thing.

  2. I have a iPhone but im not a fanboy, i can'T understand how people can really talk so serious about phones. Android is good and iphone too.
    Both can call/play music/play games/internet so i like both

  3. I do understand what you're saying and I agree 100%. However, I feel that the Iphone is a stable mobile platform which will continuously be updated for years before being abandoned by its developers. I'm not so sure about other mobile units though, it feels as if they stop being updated after a while, no improvements, just bug fixes. Shouldn't really say anything about this as I have no experience with other smartphones than the Iphone

  4. iPhone 3gs hasnt failed me yet. jailbroken, cusotm ringtones, bad ass BGs and a really good camera.

  5. I have a samsung galaxy S too =)
    i would choose galaxy over iphone anyday , love the huge screen (Y)


  6. For the moment i say Android, but lets see with what Apple comes up with.

  7. It's nice to see a short summary of the benefits and drawbacks of iPhones and Androids! I've always wondered which would be better, but your arguments make it pretty clear. I also would like to add that Apple is notoriously greedy.